Learning Not To Talk lyrics

1. Learning Not To Talk

I was talking into space
And scratching at my face
You said you loved that sand paper sound
My words came tumbling town
Untangled, set free
All over me

I picked the words up off the floor
And tried to say no more
Had to bite my tongue at first
Till suddenly something burst
Untangled, set free
Inside of me

And then you let your fingertips
Fall gently from your lips
I thought, but didn’t say:
Here’s the way

2. The Jaws of Life

daddy finally beat the bottle
jesus saved him from addiction
but the man my mother married
he got lost somewhere in the transition

the jaws of life
will come to cut me out

my brother’s eyes are fixed upon the pixels
my sister she just shaved off all her hair
and daddy waits for orders from the heavens
while mother she cries underwater tears

the jaws of life
will come to cut me out

I finally met the girl that I’d been dreaming of
she taught me you lose everything you steal
so I’ve been speeding with all my new friends
and crashing out at dawn
I’ve been letting go of the wheel

the jaws of life
will come to cut me out
but not this time
not this time
‘cos I will laugh at the dripping teeth
pull faces at the bleeding gums
till the jaws of life
turn and run