Southern Clam Stout

You’ve gotta hand it to Emersons. Southern Clam Stout. What a beer! Please try it next time you’re in Dunedin.  Also deserving of mention, Cinema Paradiso movie theatre in Wanaka. Play a gig there if you get a chance. In other news, I can now confirm that Garcia tequila is NOT superior to Patron. Can also confirm that Islay Mist is an o.k single malt, but you can’t go past the $8.50 Laphroaig doubles at Wunderbar. What does all this have to do with playing music ?? EVERYTHING! Thanks to Hannah, Tom, Claire and Lachlan for a great South Island jaunt. And may the magpie who swooped down into the tour van windshield when I was driving through Mackenzie Country rest in peace.