Kill the Day

I started recording an e.p yesterday. Don’t really know what I should and shouldn’t say about it.  Seeing as my second album Endearance still isn’t even “out” yet  (if “out”= sent to the press for critique/consideration for year end lists & hard copies instores) because I couldn’t find a distributor to take it on .. like… anywhere … and was stubbornly holding out to find one, I guess I’ve got the order of the way things go all wrong, but that should finally hit shops in a couple of months if things go according to plan with some people down the bottom of the South Island. The E.P will be hot on its heels. Some show dates coming REAL SOON too. One last thing: please see the short films Lynne Ramsay made before Ratcatcher and Morvern Callar if you get a chance. They are as bleak as Kieślowski’s Dekalog, but as mesmerising too. She was already one hell of a director when she was fresh out of film school.

3 thoughts on “Kill the Day

  1. nobody1 says:

    Where does one find these Lynne Ramsay films? Are they collected with any of her features on DVD?

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