Everything. Everyone. Everywhere. Ends.

Our little tour is over. It was great seeing The Verlaines honing themselves back into a live force to be reckoned with. I really hope they tour again before too long. I have to give props to my bandmates Tom Healy (bass) and Chris O’Connor (drums). They really brought their collective heart to the party. Chris has jazz in his blood. Albert Ayler is one of his faves. Having him improvise all over the title track instrumental of my new album whilst Tom built a bass drone loop to hover under The Crossroads is so different to anything I’ve been a part of on stage, and I think I might be addicted. Already self-medicating the withdrawal symptoms now that I think about it. I wound down by watching the last 5 episodes of Six Feet Under all in a row. What a powerhouse of a final series. I had no idea. Now that it’s over there’s nothing left for me to do but get back to work on that new E.P.