U.S Tour

Looks like I’ve gone and found myself an ACTUAL tour itinerary. Dates posted on the sidebar to the right. I’m super-pscyhed to be playing a whole variety of shows: everything from great lineups at long-established venues like Hemlock in San Fran and M-Room in Philly, to a BEACH PARTY on the California coast, to Betty’s Bar and Grill in Nashville. A Nashville-based friend who drinks there described it as being “full of burping cowboys.” Still not sure if she was being serious. Like I said: PSYCHED. And extra excited to be playing shows with Barbara Manning, whose records I own and adore, and without whom I wouldn’t have half these shows. See you there!

p.s – if you have an iPhone or iPad you can hear (and watch) the track New Day from my forthcoming E.P, by downloading the New Day Interactive video app. The app was produced by Laurent Antonczak and White Rabbit Works.

p.p.s. – if you have a computer you can download the track Young and In Love , also from my forthcoming E.P , which by the way is called The Right to Talk to Strangers.

p.p.p.s. – both downloads are FREE