Here We Go Again

Footage of Twin Insomniacs being performed in Wellington – shot by the delightful Brooke Singer (one half of French For Rabbits)

Chat with Zach on BFM

Had a great time with my bandmates Stu Harwood and Thomas Healy on the North Island leg of the tour.  In an unprecented display of good will, the bartender at the Bay Bar and Brasserie in Acacia Bay got this bottle down from the top shelf for us once the punters had cleared out, and playing  at Space Monster in Whanganui with The Blue Onesies  was a blast.

Big thanks to Bryan at   Bitter FM and Jack at Space Monster  for showing us a great time!

Can’t wait for South Island shows. Pretty damn psyched to be at the Dunedin celebration of the new Haunties album too. Christchurch and Dunedin- it has been too long!