hey ho lets go

My good friend jackthelad whose been maintaining my website these past couple of years is pretty busy these days. And half a world away. So here I am, with a new self-maintainable site. It is a strange time to be releasing an album. The internet door swings in the wind. Not so much a door as an infinite portal. I suppose you could say, if you were so inclined, that with this first post I walk through that portal. And fail to not look back…..

….Anyway, I have a new set of songs champing at the bit, and some of them are up on the music page. They are dying for you to check them out. I have an exciting gig coming up for those of you in or near Dunedin. On 17th April I’m playing at Marama Hall, Otago University with a whole host of great musicians and composers. Full details soon.

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