Many Voices

Damn, I wish all gigs were this cool.

Here is the programme for the “Many Voices” concert on 17th April at Marama Hall, Otago University, Dunedin.

8:30pm – Anthonie Tonnon (Tono and the Finance Company)
8:50pm – Judy Bellingham (songs of Old Dunedin)
9.10pm – Anthony Ritchie (setting 2 Baxter poems to music)
9.20pm – Graeme Downes (hear songs form the forthcoming Verlaines album)
9.40pm – Matthew Bannister (The Sneaky Feelings, The Weather)
10.00pm – Haunted Love (bestest friends and Lynchian pop trio)
10.20pm – Simon Comber (ahem)
10.40pm – David Kilgour (when was the last time you saw DK in a CONCERT HALL?)

Hope to see you there Dunedinites!

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