The Whole Wide World playing at Langano Lounge. Josh Kalberg's shoegazey/hazey guitar/vocal stylings and Charlotte Engler's amazing high-pitch-perfect ethereal voice seem to have combined with the night flash on my camera to set the bass player's head on some kinda neon-drenched fire. Yes, they've got that vibe!

Listen to The Whole Wide World here .

Ah me, the unseen pains of the middle-class white-boy on tour: all those books at Powell’s and out-of-print zines at Exiled Records I didn’t buy will haunt me for a long time. Sniff sniff. But seriously – meeting so many welcoming talented kind-hearted people and leaving so quickly is the strangest thing about being On the Road. “Like an arrow I was only passing through.” Onwards to Olympia!

p.s. Disclosure: I DID buy a used hardcover copy of Ciardi’s Divine Comedy translation (with Gustave Dore’s illustrations) at Powell’s. Yep – just what my suitcase needed. . .

p.p.s. I am on a train. Amtrak wi-fi = tu meke!

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