Obligatory tourist shot – hey now, don’t roll your eyes.  You wouldn’t go to Paris and not photograph Baudelaire’s grave now would you??
Bob Schwenkler, one of the artists on the bill who performed at The Northern with me, just happens to be the main engineer at Dub Narcotic, where some amazing records by Mirah and The Microphones were made. This is an Ampex 300 tube reel to reel. From the 50’s Bob thinks!

This photo is for my pals Rainy McMaster and Anji Sami - we all heart Mirah!!

Sunshine and Irony feeling it at The Northern. They were a rugged Americana band with true heart. They took me to the Artesian well to drink water too. Apparently this means I am cursed to return. I hope so! Olympia rules!

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